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Kingsville Brewery

The region in which Kingsville is located was the home of the Iroquois tribe. When French Canadian settlers known as Woodrunners came South exploring mainland Canada, they were met by the Native Iroquois. There was a peaceful understanding between the new settlers and the Iroquois sharing European farming techniques and knowledge of the local land. Our original beer, the Woodrunner Stout is named in their likeness. Our can pays homage to this peaceful relationship between the Woodrunners and Iroquois in many ways.

Inspired by Water

The deep shades of blue and herringbone represent the way the land and lakes meet on the borders of Essex County to sustain life. The avian silhouette on each can represent the local predatory birds of the region including Osprey, Peregrine Falcons, Cooper’s Hawks, and Sharp Shinned Hawks.

Our Spirit

The tagline, “Pour ceux qui errent” means “For those who wander”. This symbolizes the adventurous spirit the Woodrunners possessed and is reflected through all those adventurers who enjoy our beer. Those who live their lives intentionally.

Appreciate the Wins

Finally, 127. This number emulates our commitment to excellence through founder Marty Turco’s record number of NCAA wins as a member of the Michigan Wolverines Hockey Team from 1994-98.

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