A New 'Winemaking Manifesto’. Rocca Delle Macie celebrates its first 50 Years in style.

At the helm of one of the most influential estates in the evolution of Chianti Classico, the Zingarelli family are reshaping its identity – with a new design and a publication issued with Giunti Editore and opening up to quality and hospitality projects led by their new generation.

In a constantly evolving and richly complex world, one of Italy’s most prestigious and well-structured wineries – Rocca delle Macìe – is highlighting changes in social and cultural customs, the contemporary nature of new consumer habits, and ever-increasing environmental awareness.

Established in 1973 by Italo Zingarelli, the film producer to whom we owe the success of the ‘Trinity’ saga, with the estate’s 50th anniversary the Zingarelli family has decided to embark on a renewed and dynamic path towards an identity that can combine the message of its family’s philosophy with that of sustainable quality and the image of its wines.

Thus, as the result of a painstaking and well-planned team effort, a new Brand Identity has been created, in which the Zingarelli Family, with innovative ideas and a system of values, becomes an all-embracing expression of the soul of Rocca delle Macìe: interpreting and telling its story in the best possible way over the years, capturing and highlighting the modernity and creativeness of the Rocca delle Macìe’s model, in constant evolution and in tune with the future.

During a special event at the end of June they will present the monograph produced with Giunti Editore, which revisits this half a century of the company’s history.

“When our father, Italo, discovered this corner of Chianti Classico more than 50 years ago, it was true ‘love at first sight’,” says Sergio Zingarelli. “We owe so much to him: thanks to his success in film production, he was able to acquire the first 70 hectares and the hamlet del 1300, renamed “Rocca delle Macìe”, in 1973, and begin to produce our first Chianti Classico.”

And so, at the dawn of its 50th anniversary, Rocca delle Macìe has decided to make a change by launching a new graphic and conceptual ‘manifesto’ – in partnership with the Officina Grafica in Florence – that will simultaneously encompass the history of a number of iconic labels, along with the environmental value and identity of the individual estates it owns. Agroecology, winemaking skills, landscape and beauty, linked by a great passion, are the key words of this message. All this, under the supervision of Sergio Zingarelli and his historical territorial and international experience as a ‘global figure’ of wine, is accompanied by the skill and passion of the new generation.

“Today, I am proud and excited for the new and brilliant generation – my son Andrea, in close contact with the countryside and cellar, my daughter Giulia who is an expert in the hospitality side, and my nephew Fabio, committed to the Far East markets – to look ahead and continue to take our project forward.”

2023 will not only be a year of celebrations, but also of a real change of pace involving the entire Rocca delle Macìe and Zingarelli family system: reception and hospitality, art and communication, nature and gastronomy. A general vision, therefore; a way of life, of Italian good taste, forever summed up in a model of family hospitality represented today by Giulia Zingarelli and her renewed hospitality offerings in the enchanting Borgo di Fizzano, alongside the intriguing and original gastronomic proposals of chef Maurizio Bardotti at the Osteria Passo dopo Passo restaurant, now a destination in Chianti for the most discerning gourmet clients.

All in all, a year to keep in mind if you want to discover the true Chianti essence of the Zingarelli Family, in the most beautiful heart of Chianti Classico.