BORGO BACCILE by Vini Fantini

Surrounded by the striking colours and evoking scents of Abruzzo vineyards stands Borgo Baccile by Vini Fantini, a welcoming and elegant resort that was a restructuring project by the Rocco Valentini Architecture firm. The work primarily involved the restoration of a group of farmhouses and cottages that reflected the history of a family which has lived in this place for generations. This is a retreat whereby you can feel their historical journey. The enchanting place is a comfortable, elegant resort which evokes a sense of timelessness.

Immersed in the Abruzzo countryside, this welcoming structure conveys the emotions and sensations of a pre-industrial way of life. Buildings have been made functional with the addition of contemporary structures. The small Borgo Baccile, dates back to the mid-'800, it is located just a short distance from the historic center of Crecchio. The buildings, following the post-war social transformations, had been abandoned. The design choice was to leave the original abandoned structures, making them anti-seismic with steel injections and reinforced steel rims, and the additional functional elements with contemporary shapes, materials and colors in harmony with the sandstone of existing buildings.

Common spaces such as the hay room, used in the past for conventional farm jobs, has been transformed into functional spaces for the guests of the facility. The interior spaces are intimate and characteristic. The originality is given in particular by the expressive features of the existing masonry and brick. The features of these original structures have been highlighted by the introduction of neutral materials, such as the white cemented polished floor in the interior, and the use of exterior materials of chromatic colors with the pre-existing, sandstone and weathered stone.

 The Perfect Escape

 The thoughtful restoration, combined with a modern decor and a refined play of light, make Borgo Baccile a unique place, perfect to escape from the hectic pace of the city and to enjoy the relaxation that only the silence of nature can give you.

 A timeless place where opposites attract.

 The Recent Family Member


The big Borgo Baccile family is expanding. They recently welcomed little Pasqualino!