Wine Convention


Castello di Querceto is located amid green hills at an altitude of 470 meters (1,542 feet) only a few kilometers from Greve in Chianti. The property amounts to a total of about 190 hectares (469 acres), of which 60 (148) are cultivated in vines and 10 (24.7) in olives. The remainder is covered by stands of oaks and chestnuts and it is used primarily as a hunting preserve. 

The geological composition of this terrain is highly unusual, since it is part of a small area situated in the northernmost stretches of the Chianti Mountains where the soil consists of "polychrome schists," which are rich in manganese and alkaline-earthy metals that were laid down in the Cretaceous Period. 

Most of the vineyards were planted between 1975 and 1985, although there are exceptional plots that go back more than 30 years. In more recent years, new vineyards were planted on 10 hectares. In respect to the planting densities, they have risen from 3,330 vines per hectare (1,340 an acre) in the older vineyards to 5,350 in those most recently planted.