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Château La Gorce

The main buildings of the farm took on their final form in 1821 when a beautiful chartreuse (single story house) was constructed under the auspices of Madame Gorse.

For 40 years she put a great deal of energy into the estate, the production of which reached nearly 100 casks.

In 1980 Raoul Fabre and his children managed to revive this old Bourgeois Growth. They have never ceased to concentrate on producing a very high quality wine.

Situated 7 km north of Saint-Estèphe, the estate is in a single unit which stretches over a south and west facing knoll. The proximity to the Gironde gives it a temperate climate averting the spring frosts

Modern vinification techniques and traditional aging produce a wine full of distinction and character.

Château La Gorce has won medals at numerous competitions and its following among wine lovers increases every day not only in France but also in many foreign countries.

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