Wine Convention


Cypress wines have a bold new appeal! The creative team of talented Australian veteran winemaker Philip Shaw of Rosemount fame, his son Daniel Shaw, red winemaker for J. Lohr and Jeff Meier, winemaker for J. Lohr, has embarked on a new winemaking direction for Cypress. 

Viticulturally, that means harvesting each varietal at the peak of bright fruit flavor development, irrespective of maturity. Fermentation and aging occur in stainless steel to preserve every ounce of fruit intensity. Reds are pressed when a soft balance of color extraction and tannin is achieved. 

At blending time, a good deal of "mucking around" with each wine brings the trio's vision of each varietal to fruition - intense fruit aromas and flavors with bright and deep colors. Finally, the wines are sealed with the modern new Stelvin® closure to ensure that the bright fruit flavors and aromas of each varietal are preserved "untainted" in each and every bottle.