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Domaine des Nugues

The entire estate is located in Lancié in the north of Beaujolais on the edge of the Moulin à Vent crus, Fleurie and Morgon. In Beaujolais, there are 2 grape varieties: Gamay for the AOC Rouge and Chardonnay for the AOC Blanc.

In 2019, they planted a plot with a resistant red grape variety, VIDOC. This grape variety results from a cross between a Bouquet and Regent grape variety (German variety) with total resistance to powdery mildew and strong to mildew.

The average age of their vines is around 45 years old, some of which are over a century old.

On the Domaine, the grapes are harvested manually in order to have the healthiest possible fruits before putting them in vats.

Rosés and whites are made by direct pressing with vinification at low temperature.

As for the reds, the macerations range from 6 to 25 days depending on the wine sought.

The temperatures and densities of the vats are monitored daily with at least one daily tasting of each cuvée.

Domaine des Nugues respects their vines and terroirs. Their objective is to obtain very healthy grapes, in order to produce fine, structured, complex wines with a beautiful harmony.

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