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Donatien Bahuaud

Originally a man’s admiration for a place: the Loire Valley

Donatien Bahuaud was born in 1908 in the region of Nantes and came from a family of clog makers, coopers and vine-growers. When he was young he used to roam throughout the local vineyards. Between the land and sea, he enjoyed watching barrel-laden boats travelling up the Loire and decided to become a winegrower. In 1929, when he was 21, he founded Maison Donatien Bahuaud and also started to explore the vineyards with his cask wines in a cart.

Day after day, he carefully cultivated the vineyard, but most especially his thorough observation of the region’s terroirs allowed him to elaborate exceptional wines, boasting subtle and refined flavors, thereby taking part in the recognition of Muscadet up until the creation of the AOC in 1936.

In 1937, he bought Chateau Cassemichère in La Chapelle-Heulin, where Muscadet first originated back in 1740. It is at the heart of this winegrowing property that Donatien revolutionized the region with his audacity, energy and flair for business. Genuine talent spotter, he toured the vineyard looking for the finest appellations in the Loire Valley. This quest led him to elaborate precise wines, revealing the pure authenticity of Loire Valley grape varieties. Indeed, he was recognized as a master in the art of wine maturing by his peers.

The art of maturing

For Donatien Bahuaud “winemaking on its own, is not enough to create unique wines”. This strategy is a founding value of the house. Wine aromas evolve naturally thanks to the perfect mastering of three different types of ageing (in vats, oak and bottles). Maturing is a crucial and natural procedure allowing the wine’s aromas to evolve, completing its tasting structure, but most especially revealing the raw material, all the while respecting the wine’s pace. Donatien Bahuaud’s journey leaves behind a remarkable legacy to the brand, marked by values of excellence and quality.

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