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Fantini Group

Quality wine has been associated with this estate since the late 1500's, when Princess Margherita of Austria came here to marry the prince Farnese. Most of the vineyards are situated on the northern slope of the Moro River Valley and enjoy optimum exposure to the sun. The Maiella Mountain Range, here 9,000 ft. (3,000 meters) in altitude and 18 miles from the sea, creates an ideal microclimate for the production of quality wines. 

The number of vines ranges from 2.500 to 3.500 per hectare. The vineyards are an average of 20 years old, with some older plots from 35 to 40. The cultivation of the vineyards is performed with the objective to value nature. In this regard, the least possible chemical treatment is given. The picking is done entirely by hand, choosing different kinds of grapes for each variety. Vinification of a single vineyard is performed to enhance its characteristics.

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