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Finca Fella


Love leads my life. People are exactly like grapes, they express themselves and feed on their origins that build their character. I come from a family of farmers, that has always lived on simple and strong values. As a child, I learnt to love the world that surrounded me with a flourishing and immaculate nature. My first encounter with wine dates back to when I was 4 when I used to help my grandfather making wine at home. This wine was proudly consumed in all family celebrations. In those days I followed every step of winemaking with admiration and careful observation, and tried to learn from every secret that was I was told, and I thought about the day when I would be the one to transfer it to my children and grandchildren. Many things have changed since then but, my love for wines and my passion for quality remain the same. When I went to the region of Castilla La Mancha on a business trip, I was dazzled by the 25 hectares of ancient vines, at an altitude of 1090 meters, in the village of Alpera. At that moment I felt it was time to continue the family tradition and with the echo of my grandfather’s words in my heart, I decided to give life to the FINCA FELLA project. A different Country, different grapes, but a magical context, where the grapes are of a unique quality that experience and family tradition could transform into a story that the Ciampoli family has written for generations, and I am sure will continue to write for many more generations, without ever giving up on passion for the highest quality.

- Tommaso Ciampoli (CEO)

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