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Finca Rodma

Everything is based on knowing how to choose.

As nature does.

We choose to do things with enthusiasm, within a family project that overflows passion and attachment to an extraordinary land. Because at Finca Rodma, first of all, we choose to be different from others.

We have also chosen to place our winery in the centre of our vineyards, to have more control over the quality and each process of our wines. We limit wine production by giving priority to exclusivity and the artisanal process, thus producing an elegant product, with character and with its own personality.

That is why we have long chosen to be environmentally friendly, reducing the environmental impact.

And for that reason, we choose carefully even the natural cork of our stoppers, taking advantage of what the unique nature of this special place offers us.

The winery has a photovoltaic plate installation, thus reducing the environmental impact and strengthening our sustainability objective.

The building generates a perfect symbiosis between nature and architecture, respecting the intrinsic values of the landscape. The stone figure that emerges from the terrain completes an idyllic landscape. Functionally, the winery is divided into two bodies joined together, processing and aging.

In our production process we use a gravity flow system, in this way we take care of the grapes throughout the process. We have small truncated-cone stainless steel tanks and wooden vats to optimize the maceration and be able to make each of our subplots separately and adapt the vinification to their own characteristics.

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