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Harlan Estate

Set in the western hills of Oakville, California – rising above the fabled Napa Valley benchlands – the estate consists of 240 acres of natural splendor; woodlands and forest, oak-studded knolls and valleys, 40 of which are under vine. But more than that, it is a family homestead and a place of great inspiration, carved from the raw land, built to last for generations.

Harlan Estate was founded in 1984 by H. William Harlan with the mission to build and establish one of the finest winegrowing estates in America; to begin with virgin hillside land and create something separate from the past. The vision is to consistently produce a wine of the highest quality and great longevity from the estate – in essence, to create a “First Growth of California.”

The property rises in elevation from 225 to 1225 feet above sea level. The estate vineyard consists of roughly 40 acres. Variously sited on steep, well-drained hillsides, the vineyard encompasses a diverse array of soils, topography and solar aspects. The spare soils and benevolent mesoclimate foster low yields and slow, even ripening. Farming and cultural practices are uncompromising, emphasizing the time-honored principals of sustainability and stewardship through thoughtful farming and teamwork.
Each year the wine of Harlan Estate strives to faithfully express the abiding character of the land and the distinctive attributes of the vintage. Immensely fresh and classically proportioned, the wine manifests an aromatic purity with signature overtones of forest floor. Texturally, the impression is long and seamless, with supple well-integrated tannins, finishing with a sublime fineness of detail. Annual production averages 2,000 cases.

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