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La Gerla

La Gerla was born from the passion of its founder, Sergio Rossi, a successful businessman in advertising and director of three top European branches of a renowned agency, who falls in love with this both bitter and sweet territory and becomes almost a true local loving his vineyards as if they were his children.

This man, with his mischievous and lively grin, knew how to create a little cru in Montalcino where the most advanced technology unites with the knowledge of farmers and enologists to produce excellent products that come from the Tuscan land and become extraordinary thanks to the handiwork of man which plays a leading role at La Gerla.

The estate, which had the typical local name of Colombaio, belonged to the Biondi Santi family which achieved one of the best Brunellos of the area from there at the time. Sergio Rossi bought the land in 1976 and completely restructured it respecting its original environment. Shortly afterwards in 1978, he created and marketed the La Gerla brand.

The continuity of La Gerla lies in the Rossi family, specifically Sergio’s wife, Donatella Monforte, who was always by his side and who has brought her managerial experience from the editorial and fashion worlds to the winery.

Over the years, the well-integrated team of personnel worked side by side with Sergio Rossi in his endeavour including Vittorio Fiore, who has been a friend and guaranteed enologist of the winery from the start; in addition to Alberto Passeri, agronomist and general manager; Marisa the “undisputed cellarwoman”; Luca the “unequivocal master of the vineyards”; and Sonia, the office manager.

The property extends over a total of 11.5ha and is complemented with big and modern cellars equipped with the latest technological advancements. The most recent being guest quarters, designed by the architect Baciocchi, which also feature a meeting and tasting room for hosting both clients and importers at the winery.

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