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Louis Royer

In the small Cognac town of Jarnac, and across the vineyards of Grande Champagne, stories are shared freely, but secrets remain closely guarded.

At the House of Louis Royer, they have held tight their own secrets for five generations, protecting the unique blending mastery of the eaux de vie that still to this day distinguishes their remarkable cognacs.

But not all stories require words, and they are proud that their vine to glass story – an epic, unrushed journey from the terroir of the old world to the connoisseurs of the new – can be told through every drop of Louis Royer.

The rich heritage of the vines. The passing of the seasons captured in the slow, patient maturation of the fruit.

The cooling breath that rises from the Charente to bless each barrel as it waits its time.

The dedication, passion and experience of their people to harness nature’s rhythm.

This is the story you taste. This is your reward for choosing to trust in their secrets.

Louis Royer. Rewarding dedication.

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