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Mauro Sebaste winery was born in 1990 from the strong passion of Mauro Sebaste son of Sylla Sebaste, one of the first women producing wine in the Langhe in the 60s. Is from his mother that Mauro inherits the filosophy of “wine as a project”, the research of the quality and the deep respect for the characterictics of the terroir.

After the untimely deth of his mother, Mauro leaves the family company and, propelled by his strong passion for wine, he pursues a single objective: producing quality without compromise.

To carry out this plan, he starts with a slow, meticulous search for vineyards: each of them with suitable features of typicality, geographical location and exposure. The vineyards where the Mauro Sebaste wines are produced are located in: Alba, Serralunga, Barolo, La Morra, Verduno, Vinchio, Diano d’Alba, Montelupo, Mango, Piobesi d’Alba e Vezza d'Alba.

All the vineyards are conducted for producing low yealds in order to maximise the quality, rigorously only one bunch per branch is left.

Producing quality means respect, respect of tipicity, becuse recognizability of vine and terroir have always to be in the center of our glass.

Product availability is limited! Please contact us @ if you are interested in securing an allocation of these wines.