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Palmaz Vineyards

Family, Tradition and Technology is at the “heart” Palmaz Vineyards.  In 1997 Dr. Palmaz, the inventor of the original Palmaz Coronary Stent, and his family purchased an historical vineyard site in the South East corridor of the Napa Valley.  The Palmaz Estate lies on the original Henry Hagen Vineyard, home of the famous Cedar Knoll Winery founded in 1881.

Today the Palmaz estate comprises about 610 acres, with 64 acres of vineyards planted at three elevations — 400, 1,200 and 1,400 feet above sea level — to take advantage of the varied terroirs and microclimates at each altitude. Individual blocks are planted and harvested based upon soil variations, aspect and exposure. The vineyards are planted primarily with Cabernet Sauvignon, plus some small lots of Merlot, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc, which are used as blending components for Palmaz wines.

Gravity flow winemaking dates back to earliest days of wine history, but many today have either abandoned this practice or do it in part. Palmaz is able to utilize this gentle method from beginning to end.  The depth of the wine cave is equivalent to an 18-storey building is divided into 4 levels, providing the vertical range needed for true gravity-flow winemaking. Thus, the wine is never subjected to the violent agitation of pumping, which can change the wine’s structure. This gentle treatment allows the finest nuances of flavour to develop naturally – the result is a complex, elegant wine.

The Palmaz family has also created technologies that are quite revolutionary.  Christian Palmaz has created vineyards management practices that potentially conserve 30% of our water usage while increasing the quality of the fruit.  Additionally, he has created a one of kind fermentation monitoring system that allows the winemaking team observe the essential technical data in real-time.  

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