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Santiago Ruiz: the father of Albariño

Santiago Ruiz was universally recognized as the Father of Albariño.

His family had already made wine since the end of the 19th century and he continued with the tradition. It wasn't until he retired that he fully dedicated himself to his passion for wine. Producer and disseminator, Santiago Ruiz is respected both for his career and for his commitment to the land.


A firm defender of the use of the autochthonous varieties of O Rosal, Santiago Ruiz was finally able to dedicate himself to his true vocation when he turned 70, after his retirement as a seller of machinery and naval insurance. Passionate about working in the winery, his innate curiosity led him to focus on improving the process of making Galician white wine, and he incorporated innovative contributions - the use of cold and stainless steel tanks - in a constant search to ennoble the wines of his Earth.

The Job

In 1984, Santiago Ruiz materialized his passion and founded his winery, where he made a white wine that will be one of the first to incorporate a label. Convinced of the goodness of his wine, he became the first Rías Baixas ambassador, which he made known to every corner. Soon, Santiago Ruiz was recognized as one of the pioneers in the renewal of the vineyard in Galicia and, as a tribute to his efforts, the name of Santiago Ruiz is proudly carried by his own street, the winery he founded and the wine that is produced today.

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