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Susana Balbo Wines was founded in 1999 by Susana Balbo, the first woman enologist in Argentina. Before establishing her own winery, Susana was hired to work in Cafayate, Salta to take over the development of the Torrontes grape and make a unique Torrontes style. She also had the opportunity to work internationally and was the first Argentinean woman hired as a consultant to wineries worldwide in Spain, Chile, Italy, Brazil, Australia, and California. This experience allowed her to always be ahead of market trends and wine styles. The creation of Susana Balbo Wines is for Susana her maximum achievement as a winemaker, a product of all her efforts and so many years of hard work. She has said that “the creation of my wines at Susana Balbo Wines is for me the consecration of all my efforts as a winemaker, the harvest of a lot of work during many years. For me this winery is like my third son, a dream come true”.