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Vigneti Zabu

Vigneti Zabu is a Farnese Vini winery located in Sambuca di Sicilia in Sicily, Italy. Untouched by factories and rich with ancient vineyards, Sambuca di Sicilia is a land of generations of vintners. With bright skies and the crystal-clear waters of Lake Arancio, it is easy to see why wineries in the area work to preserve the natural land and avoid pollution. The grape varietal, Nero d'Avola translates directly to 'Black of Avola,' a reference to the grape's distinctive dark colouring. During the Middle Ages, Nero d'Avola was used to add colour and body to wines in Italy; today however, it is used for single varietal wines, full in body and flavour. The grape was once frequently traded of the coast of the island, in the port town of Avola, hence the origins of its name.

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