Why is my Burgundy white?

The region of Burgundy is blessed with a labyrinth of historic vineyards.   A wine lover’s paradise.  The combination of climate, land, and tradition produce wines that are coveted by many and never precisely replicated anywhere else.

“Once you are hooked on white Burgundy, there is no going back.”  I didn’t believe this statement until I experienced it myself.  Essentially white Burgundy is Chardonnay.  There are a few other white grapes grown in Burgundy but as mentioned, Chardonnay is the real prize.  True liquid gold.

There are three main growing areas that produce white Burgundy utilizing the Chardonnay grape.  The practice of oak influence is dominant in the region of Côte de Beaune, where wines tend to be rich, fleshy yellow apple with undertones of truffle, hazelnut and vanilla.  The other regions: Chablis and Mâconnais predominately remove themselves from oak and produce wines that are zippy and lean with lime-like mineral flavors. 

Simply put, there is no other wine region in the world that highlights Chardonnay such as Burgundy does.

There is also Bourgogne Blanc which is the basic white wine appellation of Burgundy.  Essentially this means grapes used for a wine can come from anywhere in the entire region of Burgundy.

On the region of Chablis more specifically, these lovely wines are marked by even leaner, tarter fruit aromas (lime zest, tart green apple, quince and under-ripe pear).  In addition to this, there is often a slight oyster liqueur like aroma to the wines along with the classic subtle notes of brie rind, white flowers and yogurt.

Chablis is the northernmost region in Burgundy, and therefore the coldest.

Famous for its intensely chalky white soils, Chablis also contains several Grand Cru vineyard sites. Many producers will utilize oak for their Grand Cru wines, leading to a richer style similar to Côte de Beaune. 

Chablis generally has the tartest, crispest acid profile of all white Burgundy and a classic food pairing with Oysters and anything from the raw bar.  With high acidity and no oak, Chablis is an ideal choice for mixed company.

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