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Why is my Burgundy white?

Renowned for its ethereal production of red wines made from Pinot Noir, the wine region of Burgundy is also a haven for producing extraordinary white wines.

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The DNA of Cabernet (A Legend was Born)

So revered all over the world, it is iconically referred to by one name as with the likes of famous one-named celebrities.  Despite its prominence in the wine industry, ‘Cabernet’ Sauvignon is a relatively new grape variety.
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Taming the Sagrantino Grape in Umbria (A Legend Reborn)

Who would dare to attempt to tame the massive tannin Sagrantino grape into a drinkable wine? Often a bottle of Sagrantino wine takes years of aging before it can be approached and enjoyed. However, Lungarotti-Montefalco winery, has managed to produce some of the highest quality Sagrantino in the world.
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